Where is there a currency exchange in Kuala Lumpur?

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January 10, 2017
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Where is there a currency exchange in Kuala Lumpur?

The partnership between the ringgits and other world legal tenders is so vital thereby creating an essential need for the currency exchange whenever you are in Malaysia. As a visitor, tourist or business man, on your arrival in Kuala Lumpur, You should first check the current forex exchange rate on the internet before you change your money, so you know what rate you should be receiving.

Usually, Poor rates are given at the airport, bus stations, train stations & ferry terminals. Best rates are gotten from exchangers & there are lots of them around town, especially Bukit Bintang.

In Kuala Lumpur there is a money changer in the Times Square mall that gives good rates, and those in KL Sentral also give a fair rate. However, the best exchange rate, you might desire to get does not only start and ends there but they have an advantage over a whole lot of others because they don’t collect must charges but also gives the official rate of exchange to clients.

If you do need to change money, though, you’ll definitely be ahead using a money changer rather than a bank.

Different money changers will definitely give different foreign currency rates,just compare the kiosk at midvalley mall, or you move Down town KuaLa lumpur,where you money changer sited,i believe you will get a better rate and if you change a greater amount you can negotiate for more higher rate . There are several money changers kiosks around but these two are generally good.

Another advice is for you to always go for the one where the buying and selling rates doesn’t differ that much.

Midvalley next to 1901 HotDog, and also Maybank offer quite good rates. In 1Utama, you can go to Lower Ground, Old Wing near Old Asia Cafe.

Furthermore, you can also change your money at some booths which is available in most famous streets in KuaLa Lumpur. A typical example is the one in Bukit Bintang between Starbucks & Maybank.

You can also find changers in every shopping centre, for example there is one in KLCC on the bottom floor near the train station, and similarly one in time square

If you are staying near KL Sentral, take the Komuter Train to go to Mid Valley area. Immediately you come outside the Mall, make use of the elevator closest to you at the Lower Ground Floor, walk towards the Centre Court and there you will find two money exchangers there which must offer good rates.

There is another exchange company JALINAN DUTA SDN BHD located at LOT 12A LEVEL 1,
STESEN SENTRAL KL, KUALA LUMPUR They also provides clients with outstanding and unique service and value for their money from the lowest cash transaction to big corporate transaction. They are known to have friendly foreign exchange transaction history and they do give good amount of discount in foreign exchange rates due to their volume of dealings within the foreign money market.

if you have an android phone you can get the app for local money changers they offer the better rates than the banks and are licensed by Central Bank Authority. I find this app to be really useful when i need overseas currencies before my business trips as the rates are updated every 2 hours.
Actually Many people may think Mid Valley is the best place to purchase foreign currency, as there’s more than four licensed money changers over there giving the same flat rate though it’s not a big difference, remember to go to the safest licensed money changer but you have to be cautious because Bukit Bintang area is not a safe place to carry big amount of banknotes to walk along the street.

I think with this information, you have enough guides as to successfully changing your money in Kuala Lumpur.

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