Business in Malaysia

Malaysia is a relatively new market with lots of opportunities and rapid growth. Perhaps one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world. The current market standing is 6th in Asia alone and 20th in the World where even some of the very popular immigration destination such as Australia and France fall behind Malaysia in economic growth.

Mining, Agriculture, Construction are some of the major GDP indicators along with a state of the art Manufacturing industry and a high-end, high-quality Services sector. Malaysian manufacturers have proven their worth by snatching business from countries like Japan. On the other hand, services-sector is also booming due to the quality of services promised is always the quality of services delivered.

One of the lowest unemployment rate and similar standing on inflation rates marker strengthen investors' trust in the country. On the other hand, Malaysian government adopted a pro-business and industrial support policy to ensure a continued yet stable growth almost a decade ago. The current policy also stands favorable for businessmen and industrialists looking to venture into the Malaysian market.

Another tantamount to the potential and success of the Malaysian people is their growth rate that has been one of the highest among the growing countries. Unlike other countries Malaysia has been able to keep their growth rate stable around 4% per annum. This stability also adds a new level of trust for investment opportunists.

Backed by high-end technology and hardworking labor force Malaysian manufacturing, agriculture and mining industries have been on a roll. On the other hand, the Malaysian government has been busy establishing a strong tourism base with their “Malaysia Truly Asia” campaign. Technology manufacturing has been a simple cup of tea for Malaysia and now growth in Tourism also showcases the strong approach towards growth.

The rapid growth combined with the every growing influx of tourists makes Malaysia a prime business location where the top ten most suitable business are believed to be focused on masses. These businesses are neither in manufacturing nor in agriculture but the basic essentials or Fast Moving Consumer Goods as we know them. Restaurants, Business Consultancies, Advertising and Marketing Agencies and Tourism related business have been doing particularly well it comes to Small and Medium enterprises in Malaysia.

High-end software development, mobile application development, and custom internet solutions and services boost the economy on one hand, yet, on the other hand, manufacturing of Cars, Robots, Motorbikes, Electronic Appliances, Industrial equipment, and various other commodities has been the Malaysian forte' for over a decade.

Such a strong and stable economy gives way to very strong Forex trading and business opportunities due to a constant growth and low risks. Malaysia has become a prime market for forex traders where many world class traders now reside owing to good policies and stability in the Market. So much so that a simple Google search for the term “Forex Trading in Malaysia” returns about 1,250,000 results. Yet a simple research into the subject makes it evident that the market is bound to go one way, Up!

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