About Malaysia

Malaysian Government has long promoted a tag line that is so apt that we cannot ignore it when we are talking about Malaysia. The line “Malaysia, Truly Asia” explain the diversity in the country that lies on with the sea on one side. On the other hand, it is surrounded by land on three sides and that makes it even more important. Just like every other country that has been booming Malaysia enjoys the freedom to create Sea-Ports as it sees fit across the sea coastline of the country. On the other hand trade through the land is also open to the country.

Although a lot of trade and other activities revolve around Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia but there is a whole world beyond the major city. As a tourist destination, the country has been promoting and offering hundreds of options if not thousand to tourists and tourism-related operations. Tourism does contribute a good portion of the total GDP in the country but the area is still under development. Langkawi is the most popular tourist destination in the country that offers exotic beaches. Although the official religion is Islam and there is a strict compliance on ethical grounds you wouldn't find it any less enjoyable than Thailand or Singapore when it comes to tourist destinations in the country.

The social order of the country is not only diverse but multi-lingual as well. There are large groups of other Asian immigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries. The Malaysian government has promoted business related immigrations for a long time and till dates facilitate all kinds of immigrants. The food is a mix of seafood, rice, and grain with diverse dishes that are exotically delicious. However, being a Muslim country it's rare to find Snake or other such soups and meat that is readily available in Thailand and China.

Music and Fines Arts play a huge role in the cultural formation and owing to the diverse nature of its population vibrant music and fine arts practices amaze the viewers and listeners. Like most Asian cultures festivities are a major part of the cultural aura. Although the major holidays revolve around Muslim festivities such as Eid a large population celebrates Chinese New Year along with several other traditional Chinese festivities. You would also find chunks of population celebrating Hindu festivities such as Dewali. Christmas and the harvest festival Gawai are also celebrated in some parts of the country and tolerance is a major of the culture in Malaysia. A truly remarkable tourism and trade destination that captivates the visitor.

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